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Women, children and senior citizen ministry lacks adequate budget: Minister Acharya

Minister for Women, Children and Senior Citizens, Surendra Raj Acharya, has complained that less amount

NMB Bank announces women-led and women-only branches

With the vision of empowering women, NMB Bank has announced woman-led and women-only branches in

Implement laws against violence against women

  Stakeholders have called for an end to violence against women. This was stated by

Banking, Financial, and Risk Financing skills for women entrepreneurs

  Thulo.Com and Enterprise for Management, Economic Reform and Gender Equality (EMERGE) organised webinars on

Investment in home-based women workers critical for cardamom enterprises

Women home-based workers take on a critical role in the production of large cardamom, says

Nepal hosts first regional conference of women in power sector

More than 250 engineers and energy-sector professionals represented their countries at the first regional conference

Number of women with drunk driving ups

The number of women driving with drink has increased in the Kathmandu Valley in the