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US and Nepal have collaboration in fighting common challenges: US Secretary of State

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has said the 75-year friendly relations between the United

Saving US democracy from corporate America

WASHINGTON, DC – The insurgency that overran the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, just

US announces increased investment in Indo-Pacific region

The Indo-Pacific Business Forum 2020 has come to an end in Vietnam by announcing to


Hindu priests perform rituals during prayers organized by Hindu Sena, a far-right Hindu group, seeking

Trump is guilty as not charged

The political situation in the United States is more unsettled now than at any time

Sanctions & Iran: How a proud Nation Combats the US, economically

On the last day of my 8-days long trip to Tehran in the last week

US, Japan agree to negotiate a free trade agreement

The United States and Japan announced Wednesday they will open negotiations on a bilateral trade

A tragedy for Turkey and the US

Among the many casualties of US President Donald Trump’s trade-policy misadventures, Turkey may be the

US, EU ‘love each other’: Trump

United States President Donald Trump has shared a picture of him with European Commission President

US announces expansion of program to promote US study

The US Department of State is pleased to announce the addition of five new US