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Addressing Europe’s corporate technology Gap

By Jan Mischke and Jurica Novak ZURICH – Europe seems to change most decisively as

How to use Europe’s excess savings

By Ludovic Subran MUNICH – The COVID-19 pandemic is a crisis like no other. In

One giant leap for Europe?

The €500 billion ($547 billion) COVID-19 recovery fund proposed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and

Europe’s welcome pandemic response

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit EU member states hard, and will continue to confront the

Europe’s new defining moment

The European Union and the eurozone are approaching their second defining moment in a decade.

COVID-19 is an opportunity for Europe

The COVID-19 epidemic is not just any stress test. For starters, it is likely to

Why US inequality is higher than Europe’s

Europe’s political forces are divided between those who regard the European Union as promoting unfair,

Europe must fix Its fiscal rules

Earlier this year, I argued that in countries where interest rates are extremely low and

Europe’s Google fines cross the line

The European Union’s regulatory bodies seem to be particularly hostile to Google. In June 2017,

Italy’s turn against Europe

It has been less than two months since the populist Five Star Movement (M5S) and