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Fiscal Capture at the ECB

By Willem H. Buiter LONDON – Since the second quarter of 2021, inflation in the

The ECB’s existential dilemma

  By Jürgen Stark, Thomas Mayer, and Gunther Schnabl FRANKFURT – Our fiat money regime

Who can influence the ECB?

Three months after they chose Christine Lagarde to succeed Mario Draghi as president of the

Germany versus the ECB

Over the past couple of months, the German debate over fiscal and monetary policy has

It’s time for the ECB to put QE on hold

With economic sentiment in the eurozone worsening rapidly, the European Central Bank is widely expected

The ECB needs new inflation rules

The upcoming change of leadership at the European Central Bank represents an opportunity – if

The ECB’s changing of the guard

This month, the European Central Bank hosted a colloquium in honor of Peter Praet, its