Prof. Ujjwal K Chowdhury
Thursday, Oct 18, 2018

Modi government's junior foreign minister MJ Akbar quits facing sexual harassment allegations from 36 women so far. PM Modi went by Ajit Doval's advice to seek ex-editor's exit and the mounting charges swung decision for sure. And this happens less than 24 hours short of the scheduled hearing of Akbar’s defamation case against journalist Priya Ramani by a magistrate’s court at Patiala House.

Paola Subacchi
Sunday, Oct 07, 2018

Italy’s coalition government, comprising the anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S) and the far-right League party, made headlines recently for its new draft budget, which violates European Union rules. But this is hardly the first Italian government to make over-the-top promises and squander public money to pay for them. In fact, when all is said and done, Italy’s new populism is not new at all.

Andrei Movchan
Thursday, Oct 04, 2018

Modern Russia has never had a proper pension system. It inherited from the Soviet Union both very low retirement ages – 55 for women and 60 for men – and paltry resources to fund state pensions. But the recent decision of President Vladimir Putin and the Duma (parliament) to raise the retirement age will not fix the problem – and may create more serious problems than it solves.

Andrés Velasco
Thursday, Oct 04, 2018

In Ernest Hemingway’s 1926 novel The Sun Also Rises, a character is asked how he went bankrupt. “Two ways,” he replies. “Gradually, and then suddenly.”

Lucrezia Reichlin
Tuesday, Oct 02, 2018

LONDON – Italy’s government has approved a draft budget that would fund its expensive election promises by violating European Union fiscal rules for at least the next three years. With that, the populist coalition – comprising the anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S) and the far-right League party – has seemingly confirmed fears of populist-fueled instability in Europe.

Adair Turner
Friday, Sep 21, 2018

Nearly everyone says that Japan’s economic model has imploded. Since 1991, growth has averaged just 0.9% versus 4.5% over the previous two decades. Slow growth, combined with large fiscal deficits and near zero inflation, has driven government debt from 50% of GDP to 236% of GDP.

Laura Tyson and Lenny Mendonca
Tuesday, Sep 18, 2018

A universal basic income (UBI) would be both regressive and prohibitively expensive. Yet the idea continues to attract a motley crew of tech and labor leaders, libertarians, and progressives, who fear a coming age of mass technological unemployment.

Prof. Ujjwal K Chowdhury
Sunday, Sep 09, 2018

Much is being spoken about the former Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee, and rightly so. Today is the day to remember the great son of India. If we glance through his life and work, for me these ten things below stand out glowingly as lessons from his life and work for the nation.

Andrés Velasco
Tuesday, Sep 04, 2018

Imagine two countries. Country A has a fiscal deficit of slightly over 5% of GDP, while country B shows a gaping hole of nearly 9%. Moreover, until recently A’s public debt barely exceeded 50% of GDP, while B’s public debt has been shooting up and will soon reach 90% of domestic output.

Anne O. Krueger
Tuesday, Aug 28, 2018

Among the many casualties of US President Donald Trump’s trade-policy misadventures, Turkey may be the saddest case to date. Until a few years ago, Turkey was an economic and geopolitical success story – one in which the United States could proudly claim to have played a key role. Though there were occasional bilateral disputes, Turkey remained a reliable ally for many decades.

José Antonio Ocampo
Thursday, Aug 23, 2018

Crisis are nothing new for emerging economies, which have repeated the same patterns again and again, with often-devastating results. But have those patterns finally been broken?

Adair Turner
Thursday, Aug 16, 2018

Across the global economy, the potential for automation seems huge. Adidas’ “Speedfactory” in Bavaria will employ 160 workers to produce 500,000 pairs of shoes each year, a productivity rate over five times higher than in typical factories today.

Prof. Ujjwal K Chowdhury
Wednesday, Aug 15, 2018

Media Rumble 2018, organized at India Habitat Center, by News laundry and Team works, and supported by Facebook, was curated around the theme of News What It Can Be. The ten points on the possibilities of news media that I could gather are briefly as follows.

Pascal Salin
Tuesday, Aug 14, 2018

The European Union’s regulatory bodies seem to be particularly hostile to Google. In June 2017, the European Commission fined the company €2.42 billion ($2.75 billion) for breaching EU antitrust rules, after concluding that, “Google has abused its market dominance as a search engine by giving an illegal advantage to another Google product, its comparison shopping service.”

Prof. Ujjwal K Chowdhury
Sunday, Aug 12, 2018

The news industry revenue is going through a churn like never before. Currently, in late 2018, 38% of total global ad-spending is in the digital medium, which has gained heavily from the print which has come down to 9% globally.