Monday, May 14, 2018

Akash Adhikari is a multidimensional talent of the Nepali film industry. Adhikari, President of the Nepal Film Producers Association, is also a successful actor and producer. He has fought hard for the professionalization and commercialization of the Nepali film industry. He is also behind the recent efforts to implement Box Office system in Nepal. Saraswati Dhakal of Karobar National Economic Daily recently caught up with him for an interview. The excerpt :

Wednesday, Jan 17, 2018

Actively involved in education sector NAROTTAM ARYAL did his MPhil from Norway in Public Administration. Currently, Executive Director and Principal of the King's College, he is the winner of highest medal for students Mahendra Bidhya Bhusan, apart from 2013 Manager of the Year award. The present education system of the country is not practical and leading to educated unemployed thus he thinks that the entrepreneurial education is the cure for the current unemployment. KAROBAR National Economic Daily caught up with Aryal to talk about unemployment, education, entrepreneurship, and agendas for quality education in the country.

Tuesday, Dec 19, 2017

Sophie Kemkhadze is the Deputy Country Director for UNDP in Nepal. She joined the UN a decade ago and has been involved in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promotion. Nepal has also committed to achieve SDG. Karobar National Economic Daily's reporter Bhim Gautam talked with her on Nepal's implementation of SDGs, its target, private sector's role, and above all the UN's role. The excerpts;