Reconstruction of Rani Pokhari to further delay
Monday, Oct 15, 2018

The reconstruction of the historical Rani Pokhari damaged by the earthquake of April 2015, three years ago, will further delay, thanks to various reasons. The Kathmandu Metropolitan City, the authority to undertake the reconstruction, had called the bidding for the project second time. But both the contracting companies who applied for the contract failed to meet the required criteria for the project, thus causing further delay, said KMC Mayor Bidya Sundar Shakya. “The documentation submitted by both the companies is not enough to meet the criteria for the project. So another bidding is required, which takes time to happen,” said Shakya.
Earlier, the reconstruction of the historical Rani Pokhari halted after the Department of Archeology had claimed that the reconstruction work was against the blueprint approved by it. The DoA had written to the KMC asking it to remove the food stall, pavilion and pump house from the blueprint.
The locals and conservationists also protested against the use of concrete and modern materials in the reconstruction.