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Nepal’s First World Congress RSSI for Osho Legacy

Last month Nepal was host to delegates from 19 countries in First World Congress for

Early to hike, early to thrive?

Brazil, Chile, Hungary, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Poland, and South Korea: all raised interest rates

The high stakes of climate-risk accounting

Economists are supposed to be good at understanding risk. Decision-making in the face of uncertainty,

Germany’s emerging war economy

On February 27, three days after Russia invaded Ukraine, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz stood before

Some green technologies are more equal than others

The jockeying for position in the global clean-energy race is underway. The United States joined

Down goes the Yen

The BOJ remains committed to this approach. On the day of the foreign-exchange intervention –

Britannia deranged

Truss, Kwarteng, and their co-authors depict the United Kingdom as a “risk-averse society” that is

Vector diseases and impact of climate change

What causes vector-borne diseases? Vector-borne diseases have a climate dimension, hence specific vector diseases are

How Xi Jinping can strengthen the Chinese economy

Xi Jinping is poised to become the first three-term president in Chinese history when the

The global echoes of a British near-collapse

As the world’s policymakers gather in Washington for the International Monetary Fund’s Annual Meetings, there