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Putin’s War and the German economic model

MUNICH – Will Germany’s economic model survive Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine? As

China’s Great Wall of Public-Health Distrust

ROME – China’s urban populations have been enduring some of the most intense infection-prevention measures

Rebranding the West

LONDON – The following confidential memo from a top consultancy to a well-known Western leader

The ECB’s interest-rate balancing Act

BRUSSELS – Since 2008, the European Central Bank has learned important and costly lessons concerning

A Federalism to Protect Rights

BERKELEY – Judging by the leaked draft majority opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health

The Finlandization of Asia

TOKYO – “Finlandization” describes the commitment to strategic neutrality that a small country might make,

The Fight of Our Lives

DAVOS – Since the last Davos meeting, the course of history has changed dramatically. Russia

How the public loses out when politicians cash in

NEW YORK – Three months after Russia launched its second war against Ukraine in a

China’s golden tech grab

HONG KONG – Hopes are rising that China’s embattled tech giants will finally get a

Fiscal Capture at the ECB

By Willem H. Buiter LONDON – Since the second quarter of 2021, inflation in the