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[email protected]: When? How?

Indian economy is a wee above Rs.180 lacs crores or in other words, USD 2.8

Nation in Peril, Government in denial

First, a disclaimer. This piece is not for bashing the government or PM Modi. The

COMBAT COVID-19: What should the Governments do?

The battle against Corona Virus Disease or COVID-19 is not just a healthcare battle. It

Political goals of Delhi ‘riots’

The mayhem, killing, arson, and violence in Delhi have apparently ended. But thousands are marooned,

AAP win again: why? What next?

No second thought. Development agenda won against divisive agenda. The benefits of water, power, health,

The desire to make the supreme sacrifice

Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna is a patriotic poem written in Urdu by Bismil Azimabadi of Patna

Ignite a Culture of Innovation in Indian Schools

Like in most cases of oft-repeated concepts and jargon, this one also has various definitions.

Ten lessons from the Maharashtra episode

Interim government of Maharashtra headed by Devendra Fadnavis and Ajit Pawar formed through a fateful

Ayodhya verdict : social Harmony, judicial compromise

The biggest political trigger of our times, the Babri Masjid demolition and Ramjanmabhoomi dispute has

Whatsapp hacking: waiting to explode politically

On October 30 2019, Facebook, the parent company owning Whatsapp, confirmed that Pegasus, a sophisticated