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War Against Drugs: Where Has It Gone Wrong?

  Aryan Khan is back home after more than three weeks in Arthur Jail well

India’s Grandstanding, Poor Implementing

In one of the most ambitious targets by a developing country to combat climate change,

Billion Vaccine Doses: Devil is in the Details

India reached the one billion COVID-19 vaccinations milestone this morning. It is indeed great news

The Pegasus effect: Where does Indian Democracy go from here?

The Pegasus spyware case targeting to infect smartphones of around 3000 well-known Indians from politics,

COVID 2 and Governance deficit

When the ongoing COVID mayhem in India hopefully ends, the questions will remain: Was it

Twelve reasons: Why COVID 2 is a man-made disaster

The current situation in India- call it a nightmare, a challenge, mayhem, carnage, or an

Ten reasons decoding Bengal assembly results

The results are on expected lines (213 leads+wins for TMC and 77 leads+wins for BJP

Ten trends set to redefine higher education ahead

If there are two sectors which are all set to alter like never before post

Business Education Post-Pandemic

If one sector of higher education is all set to see major changes post-pandemic, it

Higher education ahead: innovations galore: Like never before

If demonetization leapfrogged fintech, COVID induced lockdown and physical distancing induced long closure of campuses