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Accounting for Climate Change

LONDON – This year’s United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow has brought a

Avoiding the japanification of Europe

As monetary and fiscal authorities have acted aggressively to blunt the COVID-19 pandemic’s economic impact,

One giant leap for Europe?

The €500 billion ($547 billion) COVID-19 recovery fund proposed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and

COVID-19 is an opportunity for Europe

The COVID-19 epidemic is not just any stress test. For starters, it is likely to

The crisis of central-bank governance

The relationship between monetary authorities and governments differs in important ways between the United States

ECB loosening is not enough

If indications of disappointing economic growth in the eurozone are confirmed, the European Central Bank

The ECB’s changing of the guard

This month, the European Central Bank hosted a colloquium in honor of Peter Praet, its

The Eurozone’s real weakness

The 20th anniversary of the euro this year is a good time to reflect on

Fiscal freedom in the eurozone?

Italy’s government has approved a draft budget that would fund its expensive election promises by

The Eurozone Economy’s coming downturn

Next May’s European Parliament election is likely to be haunted by Europe’s inner demons, from