Additional liability added to State due to lack of quality work: PM Dahal «

Additional liability added to State due to lack of quality work: PM Dahal

Makawanpur- Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ said that additional liability was incurred on the State in lack of delivery of quality works in line with the agreement.

Addressing the 25th general assembly of the Federation of Contractors’ Association of Nepal (FCAN) here today, PM Dahal viewed that many projects were not completely on time since the construction entrepreneurs failed to deliver as per the agreement.

Stating that the government was serious about hardships and difficulties facing the construction contractors due to limitations and weakness of the State, Dahal reiterated, “Serious problems such as lack of quality works, projects not completing on time and extension of construction period among others had added to the liabilities of the State.”

According to him, he had instructed the Ministry of Finance, National Planning Commission and related ministries to work in the ways of making sure that projects of strategic importance are not left in limbo and vicious cycle of adding unnecessary projects, adding liabilities to the State and not delivering quality outcomes are cracked down.

The Head of the Government furthermore assured that the government was positive about terminating the projects falling under the State’s responsibilities and not having assurance of resources on the basis of consensus following the 13th amendment of the Public Procurement Regulations.

Dahal pledged that the incumbent government would take necessary decisions to address the problems of some projects that were not timely completed due to structural weakness on the part of the State and inability to make payments on time. From the infrastructure development perspective, he admitted that some of acts and laws appeared to be a hindrance.

Hence, he vowed to make laws development-friendly and take environment protection into consideration. “Process to amend important laws including Forest Act has been initiated. This would create an enabling environment for the construction sector to conveniently provide riverbed materials and mineral based materials.”