Month-long installation art exhibition opens at NAFA «

Month-long installation art exhibition opens at NAFA

Kathmandu- The ‘Prakriti: Installation Art Exhibition 2024’ has opened in Kathmandu. The month-long art expo is organised by Nepal Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), Department of Architecture and Other Creative Arts (Multidisciplinary Arts) in partnership with the Gallery Mcube.

The exhibition aims to highlight the significance of nature at a time when there conflict between humans and nature. NAFA Chancellor Naradmani Hartamchhali said installation art is the art form that presents various perspectives through the use of multi-mediums. He said the artists have depicted human’s relation with nature in a marvelous way using the natural articles.

Creations of artists Sagar Manandhar, Sushila Singh, Meena Kayastha, Binaya Rimal, Sushant Shree Rajbhandari, among others are on display at the exhibition. Similarly artworks by NAFA Vice Chancellor Lalkaji Lama, Academy Council Member Sauraganga Darshandhari, of Gallery Mcube Manish Lal Shrestha are included as the guest artists.