BMC allocates Rs 50 million for promotion of greenery «

BMC allocates Rs 50 million for promotion of greenery

Chitwan- The Bharatpur Metropolitan City (BMC) in Chitwan district, emphasizing beautification of the Metropolis and promoting of greenery, has taken forward related works allocating Rs 50 million. The budget allotted under the heading in the current fiscal year is expected to contribute in making the Bharatpur Visit Year 2024 campaign a success.

In a bid to make the Metropolis green, clean and beautiful, grand sanitation and tree plantation endevours are being conducted every second and fourth Friday of the month in each 29 wards since last month. Also, tree plantations are done in all wards and each communities of Bharatpur, the district headquarter of Chitwan district as well as the fifth largest city of the country. As a part of the programme, the local government having nearly 200,000 population as per the 2011’s census, launched a clean-up drive and tree plantations at Shahidchowk of Narayangadh today morning.

BMC Mayor Renu Dahal in today’s sanitation and tree plantation programme shared that the BMC aimed to plant over 100,000 trees within the current fiscal year 2023/24 to promote greenery. Currently, the ward level has been implementing the sanitation and tree plantation programmes in places having less than 16-meters of roads while the BMC has been implementing this programme in places having wider roads.

Local community is also engaged in this programme, according to the BMC. Today’s sanitation and tree plantation drive saw participation of Participating the Chief District Officer of Chitwan district, Heads of the security agencies, people’s representatives and locals.