Lawmaker Nepali calls for prioritising parliamentary roles, responsibilities «

Lawmaker Nepali calls for prioritising parliamentary roles, responsibilities

Kathmandu- Lawmaker Anisha Nepali, representing the Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) in the House of Representatives, firmly believes that the House should serve as the platform for amplifying the people’s voices and for enacting legislation.

Though the 29-year-old lawmaker is relatively new to the parliament, it seems that she is well aware of the roles and responsibilities of a lawmaker and insists on the need of upholding the dignity of the House by lawmakers through their performances within the standards. A member on the Agriculture, Cooperative, and Natural Resources Committee asserts that the parliament should not be used as forum for airing unnecessary and illogical statements.

Nepali, who has just a seven-year political career and a health background advises lawmakers to not prioritize power over the assigned roles of the parliament as it as she believes could weaken the presence of the House. As she said, lawmakers should prioritize the formulation of policy and laws by addressing the concerns of the people. Highlighting the importance of uninterrupted parliamentary proceedings, regardless of the interests of specific political parties, to maintain the dignity of the House, the lawmaker advises her colleagues to utilise their terms to ensure effective laws for the public.

Elected to the lower house by the RPP under the Dalit reservation quota, Nepali urges for cooperation and collaboration among all three tiers of government to drive development and prosperity and bring substantive change to people’s lives. On a different note, she expresses concern about the increased financial status of leaders compared to the stagnant financial conditions of citizens specifically after the restoration of democracy in the nation.

She took time to say that attempts to topple the government immediately after its formation, which is apparently the trend in the Nepali politics in the recent years, is capable preventing the country to advance towards progress and prosperity.