Triveni Labour Cooperative to export turmeric to Germany «

Triveni Labour Cooperative to export turmeric to Germany

Rukum- Triveni Labour Cooperative located at Triveni rural municipality in Rukum West has made preparation to export turmeric produced in the district to Germany.

The Cooperative, which has established a processing centre, has made a plan to export turmeric produced in the district to abroad. “We had sent dried ginger slice to Germany for trial. We received the report that the turmeric slice was of good quality. So we are ready for the processing of ginger slice for producing turmeric. Export of turmeric will be started from November,” shared Cooperative Chairperson, Sher Bahadur Malla.

Malla mentioned that they have asked the Cooperative members for ginger cultivation, adding 200 members have done ginger farming this time. “We have made a plan to send the turmeric slice, produced by the Cooperative members, to Germany in the first phase,” he added. He stated that the turmeric produced in the rural municipality is not enough to meet the demand. The Cooperative has asked the farmers in advance in other areas of the district to also cultivate ginger.

The Cooperative said it has established an industry for processing ginger and producing turmeric. There is a good production of ginger at various places of Triveni Rural Municipality and Chaurajahari Municipality in the district. Traders buy ginger and turmeric produced by farmers from the district. However, the ginger and turmeric processing centre based at Triveni Rural Municipality will buy the ginger and turmeric, it is said.

The Karnali Province Government had provided Rs 15 million to the cooperatives for managing the physical infrastructure and machine required for the processing centre. Cooperative president Malla informed that they have also invested Rs 48,000 for operating the processing plant. The farmers are hopeful that they will get a decent price for their produce as the ginger and turmeric produced in the district is to be exported.