HoR session: lawmakers draw government’s attentions towards VAW, natural disasters «

HoR session: lawmakers draw government’s attentions towards VAW, natural disasters


In a session of the House of Representatives (HoR) today, lawmakers raised concerns over increasing cases of violence against women (VAW) and the cases of floods and landslides nationwide. They urged the government’s to come up with prompt actions to address these issues.

They have demanded stern action against those engaged in the offences against women. Seeking time in the lower house meeting today, Pratiksha Tiwari drew the government’s attention towards the killings of women in Kavrepalanchwok and Bhojpur in recent days. Poverty, lack of women empowerment and lack of awareness about laws are among those factors contributing to rising incidences of women violence, according to the lawmaker.

“Violence against women must be prevented.” Sushila Thing demanded the government ensure proper compensation to those affected by recent monsoon-induced floods and landslides, informing the House that Golanjar rural municipality in Sindhuli had been largely affected by the flood. The disaster has posed a grave threat to Tinmane and Bhalukhola, according to Thing.

Devendra Paudel apprised the House of the losses of lives and property by lightning in Dhorpatan of Baglung and in the road accident as well. He urged the government to provide compensation to the affected people. Shiba Nepal spoke the need of making citizens aware of disaster preparedness and possible preventive measures.

He informed the House that lately three people were killed by lightning in Dang and other parts of the country also reported lightning fatalities. He called for government’s measures to mitigate losses from natural disasters.