Daraz Nepal And NMB Bank Has Signed A Contract for Daraz NMB Sajilo Karja «

Daraz Nepal And NMB Bank Has Signed A Contract for Daraz NMB Sajilo Karja

Kathmandu Nepal, leading e-commerce platform Daraz has launched an NMB loan facility in partnership with NMB Bank. This initiative, called Daraz NMB Sajilo Karja, provides sellers with easy access to collateral-free loans to help them expand their businesses and aims to enable new opportunities for growth.

Daraz Nepal  Managing Director Aanchal Kunwar and NMB Bank’s Deputy Chief Officer Govind Ghimire signed the agreement on March 19, 2023. Under the Daraz NMB Sajilo Karja program, sellers can avail of loans from NMB Bank, one of the reputed banking institutions in Nepal. This collaboration between Daraz and NMB Bank highlights the spirit of entrepreneurship and their commitment to supporting the economic growth of the country.

One of the key features of Daraz NMB Sajilo Karja is the provision of collateral-free loans. This means that sellers can access much-needed funds without providing any kind of security or collateral. This facility removes the traditional barriers that small and medium enterprises face when seeking financial assistance, thus opening the door to countless possibilities.

Sellers on the Daraz platform can apply for loans up to 5 lakhs as per their business needs. This loan amount enables sellers to invest in inventory, expand their product offerings, increase marketing activities and improve their overall operations. By availing of this loan facility, sellers can unlock their full potential and scale their businesses to greater heights. To avail of the Daraz NMB Sajilo Karja facility, sellers can apply for an online loan by visiting Daraz Seller Center.