Lawmakers continue to put views on budget for upcoming fiscal year «

Lawmakers continue to put views on budget for upcoming fiscal year

Lawmakers continued to air their views over the budget presented by the government for the upcoming fiscal year in the House of Representatives. In today’s session of the lower house, Pradeep Poudel questioned Finance Minister Dr Prakash Sharan Mahat that how would he incorporate the matters raised in the parliament in the budget.

“A citizen has numerous problems ranging from monkey menace to climate change issues. But the citizen feels the presence of the State only while paying taxes. If the situation continues, how the goals of government programmes are met?” he questioned. As he claimed, the budget has failed to connect the labour and education in a practical way. Padam Giri was of the view that it seemed health was not the priority of the budget.

“The decision to cut off 20 percent budget to health was concerning,” he said, underling the need of promoting health and education sectors and ensuring people’s mass access to the services. Ganga Karki commented that the budget was capable of addressing the country’s existing situation and its principles, priorities and polices were appropriate.

“Agriculture, tourism, education, health and employment areas are areas of emphasis of the budget. However, programmes are inadequate to address the people’s needs,” the lawmaker said, urging the government to declare Dolakha district a touristic area. Gita Basnet accused the government of allocating budget on the basis of power and access and of not realising the need of people in the grassroots. “Bardiya was hit by a major flood in 2071 BS and since then, it has been waiting for relief.

This time too, the government does not feel its duty to address the needs of survivors in the budget. The affected are sad by this approach. Why does not the government view Bardiya differently,” she said. Tara Lama Tamang said the budget did not pay a need to analyzing measures to revive the economy. “This budget is not pro-peasants, pro-workers and oriented to socialism.”

Santosh Chalise stressed the need of addressing peasants’ struggle for getting chemical fertilizer smoothly.