Foton Tunland E is now Tunland E plus with major upgrades «

Foton Tunland E is now Tunland E plus with major upgrades

After the massive success with the Foton Tunland E, Tunland SG and keeping customers’ demand in mind, Foton Motors Nepal has launched its newer version, Tunland E +. The all-new Tunland E+ has entered the Nepali market with game-changing upgrades for the pickup segment combining the power, performance, and reliability to give a head-on in the pickup market of Nepal, according to the company.
For more performance, The Foton Tunland E plus has been manoeuvred with some of the most benchmark engineerings in the auto realm, the company stated, adding, “After the upgrades, the pickup brings in an all-new 2.0L Inline, a 4-cylinder engine producing an unprecedented power of 149.55 at 3600rpm and a maximum torque of 320 Nm between 1800 and 3000rpm and six-speed manual transmission, making it ever suitable for any kind of terrain.”
The Tunland E+ also has a further enhanced braking system, ABS with EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution), it added.
According to the company, the ABS with EBD systems checks the acceleration or deceleration of each wheel to estimate the amount of load on the wheels allowing more steering control under challenging braking situations and reducing stopping distances in some cases such as wet roads. “Apart from the major upgrades, the all-new muscular Tunland E plus comes with an enormous loading deck capacity of up to 1050 kg and a ground clearance of 220mm, making it an ideal pickup for all purposes and terrains of Nepal.”
The premium in-built touch screen rearview camera is another excellent tool that raises the bar of this masculine pickup allowing for greater rear visibility, collision-free reversing and parking with confidence.
The brand-new Foton E plus is a statement of power, performance, and visual identity the customers ever desired for, the company has claimed.