Global conference to share best practices in World War II heritage and youth engagement next week «

Global conference to share best practices in World War II heritage and youth engagement next week

SEOUL: To highlight best practices and deepen the role of memory and heritage sites in the promotion of more inclusive narratives and the countering of revisionist narratives of World War II, the Institute of International Studies at Seoul National University and the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience and are hosting ‘Countering Revisionism: Engaging New Generations in Memory, Truth and Justice around World War II Heritage’, an international conference at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York City on July 7.
The event will be accessible to a limited number of in-person guests and press, and accessible to all through a livestream, according to the organizers.
The day-long event will feature presentations by international experts on WWII heritage issues and representatives of Sites of Conscience and other cultural and heritage sites in four continents that share underrepresented narratives related to WWII, offer strategies to promote more inclusive histories for future generations, and provide tools to counter historical revisionism, the organizers added. “In addition, a roundtable discussion with youth from around the world will explore the importance of war heritage, the power of memory, and the ways that youth can take leadership roles in continuing these vital conversations.”
Videos from Sites of Conscience in ten countries will also be shown, each sharing reflections from youth about the role these heritage and memory sites can play in countering revisionism, it added.
Given the recent rise of neo-Nazis around the globe, as well as challenges posed by new media which has made the manipulation of historical facts and the spread disinformation that perpetuates bias and discrimination extremely prevalent, the conference will highlight strategies that heritage sites can adopt to combat these destructive trends and amplify underrepresented voices and experiences related to the war that can enrich our understanding of this history,  a press release issued by the organizers said. “After the conference, a report will be published summarizing the day’s findings and will be shared with heritage sites, journalists, and other stakeholders.”