Top Startups for the F1Soft ICT AWARD 2021 «

Top Startups for the F1Soft ICT AWARD 2021

The competition for various startups, products and innovations continues at the F1 Soft ICT Awards 2021 organized by Living with ICT.
Various startups, products, and innovations are competing for the prestigious F1Soft ICT Award 2021, which is organized by Living with ICT and is a prestigious award in the field of information and communication technology, according to the organizers
The top 5 startups are now competing for the Best Category winner, after being selected from over 40 startups in four stages. Similarly, the best 5 products selected from over 35 products and the best 5 Rising Star Innovations selected from over 60 participants took part in the public vote to determine the winner.
According to the organizers, public voting for the winners of these three categories is being conducted through e-service and SMS until December 8. Similarly, voting is also being open in the Public Choice ICT Award category for the contestants of 3 categories who have been included in the top 10. Similarly, various stages of selection process are underway for the other 8 award categories. The grand finale of the award will be held on December 17 at Solty hotel.
F1Soft is the main sponsor for the sixth edition of ICT AWARD 2021. There are cooperation and support from NTA, Ncell, Rastriya Banijya Bank, Presidential Business School, DishHome Fibernet, Eminence Ways, Resecurity, Dynamic ERP, APPLYJOB, Fuse Machines, Texas College, and others.