Khukri Rum in a new packaging «

Khukri Rum in a new packaging


Khukuri XXX Rum has unveiled its new packaging which has a new pack with attractive looks. In the 62nd year of its establishment, the company has changed its’ packaging, the older one has been in the market for the past 20 years.
On the launch event of the new packaging, the company explained its decision to upgrade the packaging, which is to meet the expectations of its valued patrons and with the view to take a step towards introducing modern elements in the product design.
The company stated that they have consulted with customers in the country and abroad before changing its pack. The products of the last batch of the old pack of Khukuri rum have been discontinued a month ago. Khukuri rum is currently available in 13 countries besides Nepal and the new pack has been launched in all markets on the same date. The company said that the original packaging of Khukuri rum has been prepared by refining it according to the aspirations of the customers. Although production of the old package was stopped a month ago, consumers can still expect to find the old pack in the market for some time.
Suvash Lamichhane, General Manager of The Nepal Distilleries, a manufacturer of khukuri rum said, “The new packaging will win the hearts of local and global customers.” According to him, new pack does not compromise the taste and quality that Khukri rum is renowned for.