Bharatpur hospital full of corona infected «

Bharatpur hospital full of corona infected

The pressure of patients coming with Corona Virus infection has increased in Bharatpur Hospital. As the number of corona infections continues to increase in the district, so is the number of people coming to the hospital for treatment. Patients with coronavirus infection are treated free of cost at the Federal Hospital, Bharatpur. The hospital beds set aside for the treatment of COVID-19 patients have become full. The hospital had allocated 110 beds for COVID-19 patients. Of them, 104 beds are now full.
According to the hospital’s information officer Liladhar Poudel, the number of patients admitted to the hospital had reached 112 on Friday. At present, 104 people infected are undergoing treatment in the hospital. He said that there were 58 patients with minor and moderate symptoms. Twenty-five are undergoing treatment in HDU and 21 in the intensive care unit. The hospital has an intensive care unit with a capacity of 25 beds. Acting Medical Superintendent of the hospital, Dr. Krishna Prasad Poudel, said that the number of infections has been increasing due to neglect of health protocol. He said that it was not possible to admit more patients as the hospital beds were now fully occupied. “The bed allotted for COVID-19 patients in the hospital is full.
Other infected people cannot be admitted,” he said. Dr. Poudel said that discussions have started on adding more beds after the beds in the hospital were filled with infected people. He said that private hospitals should also treat COVID-19 patients as the infection rate is increasing. He said, “The epidemic will affect everyone, not just the government hospitals. All the hospitals have to fulfill their responsibilities during a pandemic.” At present, COVID-19 infected patients are being treated at Chitwan Medical College and College of Medical Sciences Teaching Hospital (Old Medical College) along with Bharatpur Hospital in the district. Altogether, 210 people are being treated in those hospitals. According to the Health Office, Chitwan, 58 people are undergoing treatment at Chitwan Medical College. Of them, 29 are in the intensive care unit while the same number of 29 patients are undergoing treatment in HDU. Similarly, 14 people are undergoing treatment in the intensive care unit of the old medical college.
According to Gitanjali Dhakal, public health officer of the office, the number of active cases of COVID-19 is 2,236 in the district. Of them, 2,106 are being treated in home isolation, eight in public isolation, and 122 in hospitals.