Hotels to give minimum wages for workers during lockdown «

Hotels to give minimum wages for workers during lockdown

The workers and labourers in hotel and hospitality sector would get their minimum wages for the lockdown period.
The Hotel Association of Nepal (HAN) and three major trade unions active in tourism and hospitality sector inked a deal ending a longstanding dispute over the workers’ salary for the lockdown period.
The HAN said that the agreement was done for the period of April 13 to December 31 by considering that the situation caused by the pandemic coronavirus infection will last till 2020.
As per the agreement, the workers in the hotels would get minimum salaries as per the grading of the hotels.
Labourers working in the hotels having 200 plus rooms will get Rs 10,000 per month while the workers of five-star hotels with less than 200 rooms will collect Rs 9,000 per month. Similarly, the staff of four-star hotels with 100 plus rooms would be given Rs 8,455 per month and Rs 8,000 to those workers employed in the four-star hotels with less than 100 rooms. Likewise, the staff of three-star hotels and resorts will get Rs 5,000 per month, the HAN said at a news conference in the capital on Sunday.