Rakuten Viber, UNICEF Nepal join hands to empower voices of children and youth «

Rakuten Viber, UNICEF Nepal join hands to empower voices of children and youth

Rakuten Viber and UNICEF collaborated to launch U-Report Nepal chatbot on Viber.
U-Report Nepal is a community participation tool empowering young people to be active advocates for positive change in their communities. The partnership has also launched a free Viber sticker pack called Covidko Kura’.
U-Report Nepal is a chatbot on Viber that enables young people to receive information related to COVID-19, mental health issues, and other relevant matters, according to a press release. “It enables direct and rapid data collection and analysis while keeping its users’ privacy safe by keeping them anonymous,” it said, adding that the bot users can also share their opinions and voices through the bot’s built-in surveys. “U-Report Nepal is designed to address issues that young people care about so that state institutions, non-governmental and international organizations, as well as the media, can have informed decisions and strategies guided by the poll results.”
To subscribe to U-Report Nepal on Viber, users can search ‘U-Report Nepal’ on the search box. Once the chatbot opens, users can type and send “CORONAVIRUS” or “COVIDINFO” to get started.
Additionally, Covidko Kura sticker pack on Viber is now available and free for download. Users can download the stickers from the Viber Sticker Market through search tags such as covid19, unicef, unicef Nepal, coronavirus, Spread Love, Be Kind, NyanoSwagat, Maya Failau, Covidko Kura. When users download the sticker pack, they automatically subscribe to the U-Report Nepal on Viber chatbot.
“Viber has always strived towards making itself a platform to empower the youth. Especially in the context of Nepal, where mental health and other concerning issues are less talked-about, we hope that U-Report Nepal chatbot provides a medium for the youth to get connected with authentic and reliable information. This also empowers them to be heard and become a more active part of the community, ” said Anna Znamenskaya, the Chief Growth Officer of Rakuten Viber.
“U-Report is a critical tool in UNICEF’s engagement with young people. Over the past few months of the COVID-19 pandemic, young people all around the world have engaged with U-Report more than 20 million times. So, we are delighted to collaborate with Viber to provide the opportunity for young people in Nepal to share their views on matters that affect them and their ideas for improving their communities,” said Elke Wisch, UNICEF Representative to Nepal. “This platform, together with the engaging sticker pack, is an important part of enabling the young generation to access lifesaving information and use their own networks for good.”
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