Vegan products at doorstep during lockdown «

Vegan products at doorstep during lockdown

Together with Kheti Food, Vegan Dairy Nepal (VDN) has started delivering freshly made plant-based milk, yogurt, butter, cheese, honey and spreads all around Kathmandu valley as during the time of nationwide lockdown, many families and individuals are unable to get fresh produce.
Consumers can now shop vegan products at and get it delivered within 24 to 36 hours, claims the company.
“Strong immunity is very important to fight COVID 19,” it states, adding that eating healthy foods and drinking lots of immune boosting drinks is a key to building strong immunity, while enjoying delicious meals at home. “At Kheti Food, one can shop daily food essentials like vegetables, fruits, plant-based milk, probiotic yogurt, and cultured butter that plays a vital role in boosting one’s immunity and in helping one to stay healthy.”
“To fight COVID 19 we must follow social distancing and eat whole food plant-based meals” Vegan Dairy Nepal’s Co-Founder Kajol Sethia says. “VDN is asking everyone to shop online during the lockdown when essential supplies are needed and if one can, please help vulnerable humans and animals by providing food and water to them while taking all the safety precautions.”
VDN – that has a motto ‘let’s be mindful towards animals, humans and the environment] – claims to spread awareness on ethical living.