Minister Khatiwada directs media to disseminate reliable information on time «

Minister Khatiwada directs media to disseminate reliable information on time

Minister for Communications and Information Technology Dr. Yubraj Khatiwada has directed the media and news providing agency to effectively disseminate the reliable information on time.
During a discussion with the chiefs of the ministry’s subordinate bodies today, Minister Khatiwada viewed that the news on decisions of a high-level coordination committee and government on prevention of COVID-19 need to be disseminated properly so that it would help reduce the risk of coronavirus spread. “News must not create fear among people, but help boost people’s confidence and make them well prepared for the risk,” he stressed.
According to him, in this hour of crisis, human resources at media houses should be mobilized with further effectiveness. People’s deprivation of information at such situation is unacceptable, he underscored. “If any decision is required regarding the works of the public media, the proposal would be forwarded to the high-level coordination committee,” he mentioned.
The government spokesperson reiterated that the people spreading fear with misuse of social networking sites are being arrested and taken action. The timely flow of reliable information by the public media helps reduce rumors and misinformation, be believed.
As per the information Spokesperson Khatiwada shared, concerned bodies were drawn attention on how school students could be provided teaching materials on the internet at a time of school closure. Proper knowledge is needed for them at this hour.
The chiefs of the media and news agency under the ministry had briefed Minister Khatiwada of the efforts they had made for the implementation of government decisions on the control of COVID-19.