Government to organize international campaign to promote dignified menstruation «

Government to organize international campaign to promote dignified menstruation

The government has intensified a campaign against Chhaupadi (a cultural practice that banishes menstruating women and new mothers from homes for certain days) mostly pervasive in some districts in the mid-west and far-west of Nepal.
The Ministry of Women, Children, and Senior Citizens have scheduled the ‘International Workshop on Dignified Menstruation’ from coming May 26 to 28. Speaking at a press meet at the Ministry today, Minister Parbat Gurung informed that researchers, menstrual health rights activists, government representatives and policymakers from several 20 countries would be participating in the workshop to be organized on the occasion of second National Women Rights Day which is celebrated in the 16th of Jestha every year.
The theme of the workshop is ‘Dignified Menstruation, Menstrual Talk Dignity First’ aims to realize the mass that ‘every individual deserves dignity during menstruation’.
Several aspects relating to menstruation, an end to menstruation ban from the kitchen to parliament, sexual and reproductive health rights, religious belief in regard to menstruation, menstruation hygiene, and Chhaupadi related act, law, and policy are agenda of discussions in the event.
On the occasion, Minister Gurung spoke the need of treating menstruation from the human rights perspective to achieve gender equality.
As he said, the government has intensified a campaign to eliminate Chhaupadi as per the government plan to build a civilized society by ending all sorts of discriminations.