Seismic survey under petroleum exploration begins «

Seismic survey under petroleum exploration begins

The seismic survey has begun under the petroleum exploration underway in the Dailekh district.
With the petroleum exploration coming near to success, the seminal task of the seismic survey has been stepped up. A joint expert team of Nepal and China is carrying out the task of petroleum exploration in the hilly district.
The Nepali workers equipped with experience in petroleum exploration in different countries have been mobilized in the task. High-tech types of machinery are being used in the course of exploration.
The task of sending waves beneath the Earth’s surface is taking place to gather information about the location and characteristics of the geographical structure under the survey. A seismic survey is considered the most important among four surveys in the course of the exploration.
Exploration Officer at the Department of Mines and Geology Dr. Ganeshnath Tripathi informed that the survey is taking place to identify the storage capacity of petroleum products. “The survey is taking place across 10 seismic lines covering an area of around 20-km having high petroleum storage capacity”.
Three seismic surveys have been completed so far, he informed.

Purswottam Thapa