Panchakanya flame pro and transparent fittings «

Panchakanya flame pro and transparent fittings

Panchakanya Group has been a pioneer in the development of the plastics industry since its establishment in 1972. The company proudly carries a history of taking the lead in introducing most of the newer technologies to the Nepalese market like HDPE, PVC, PPR and CPVC. In line with its slogan, “Always First, Always Ahead”, the company announced the launch of two new CPVC series at an unveiling program on 10th January at Radisson Hotel. The event comprised of a press meet which was then followed by a product unveiling of its two new CPVC products; Panchakanya Flame Pro (CPVC Fire Sprinkler Systems) and also its new range of patented transparent fittings for hot and cold water applications and fire sprinklers. The launch program was followed by a technical meet which comprised of the country’s leading architects, consultants and builders.

Panchakanya Flame Pro pipes and fittings was introduced by the company as a superior alternative to traditional MS pipes which is commonly used for fire protection in buildings. The company’s Flame Pro series is made up of a special thermoplastic known as Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC). Due to CPVC’s natural fire resistant chemical composition, these pipes and fittings are able to sustain higher burning temperatures which make them the ideal choice in the installation of Fire Sprinkler systems. Panchakanya Flame Pro’s smooth interior surface also allows for lower friction loss than metal systems which enables better water flow in case of a fire. They are suitable for use in areas where ambient temperatures are within 35 °F (2 °C) to 150 °F (66°C). In addition to this, Flame Pro pipes and fittings are easier to install and also have a natural resistance to scaling and corrosion as compared to metal pipes. They are also easily connectable to existing fire sprinkler systems and are designed for a long service life of over 50 years. Panchakanya Group is the 30th manufacturer of CPVC Fire Sprinkler systems in the world.

Apart from the Flame Pro series, Panchakanya Group also launched its new line of transparent fittings for hot/cold water and fire systems. The patented transparent compound is a special blend of CPVC developed by SEKISUI, Japan. Due to their transparency, the fittings give better visibility in plumbing workmanship and help to identify problematic fittings right away. The product also enables features of improved bond strengths, high color stability, good resistance to distortion, resistance to pressured hot water and many more. Hence, Nepal is the first ever company in Asia to introduce CPVC Transparent Fitting in the market.

Therefore, the company confidently believed that the program delivered a productive message to the mass audience regarding the useful features of CPVC Fire Sprinkler and transparent fire fitting along with totally different and innovative piping solutions.