40 districts being declared fully electrified «

40 districts being declared fully electrified

The South Lalitpur Rural Power Cooperatives Limited has been providing power to some 6000 households in the area. It will soon be reaching power service to the remaining 2000 households.
Speaking at the 18th anniversary of the Cooperatives here Saturday, Member of Parliament Nawaraj Silwal said that attention was being paid for the development of the southern belt of Lalitpur, which has lagged behind in terms of development.
President of National Federation Community Power Users Narayan Gyawali has said that the federation is providing power service to 5.5 lakh households through 300 cooperatives in 53 districts of the country. “The government is going to declare 40 districts of the country fully electrified,” he said.
Chairperson of the Cooperatives Govinda Prasad Bajgain said that cooperatives were providing power service to 19 wards of Lalitpur. “Power tariff can be paid through an online system, 27 schools have the curriculum of renewable energy while the loan is provided to entrepreneur women from our cooperatives,” he added.