Bandipur occupied with 70 percent Chinese tourists «

Bandipur occupied with 70 percent Chinese tourists

The inflow of Chinese tourists has immoderately increased in Bandipur –a tourism site in Western Nepal which is popularly known as the queen of Himalayas.
With the advent of the winter season, the trend of the inflow of tourists from China was gradually increasing. According to Bandipur Tourism Development Committee, almost 70 percent of tourists incoming to Bandipur during the winter season are Chinese.
Committee chair Baisha Gurung shared over 350 among 500 tourists visiting Bandipur are Chinese nationals.
Among other tourists are from India and European countries. The influx of foreign tourists has witnessed rise with the English New Year-2020 coming around the corner, Gurung informed.
It is hard to get rooms at Bandipur on the occasion of New Year due to the huge inflow of domestic and foreign tourists.
The flow of foreign tourists has surpassed domestic flow in the season. The foreign visitors normally reside in Bandipur, Gurung added.
Of late Bandipur has become a hotspot for a picnic for domestic tourists. Students from different districts come to Bandipur spot for a picnic.
Bandipur has a total 57 big and small hotels and 22 home-stays, including Green Park, Gamghar, Bandipur Mountain Resort, Bandipur Palace and Magar Village.
Around 1,400 tourists can stay in the hotels at once. More than 150 people have been employed at hotels here.
The arrangement has been made to inform the incoming tourists about the touristic and historical sites here.
Tourists are more attracted to visit and stay Bandipur as the entrance of transport means is totally banned in the slate-placed site and the houses are antique.
The mind-blowing scenic beauty of mountainous series including Annapurna, Machhapucchre, and Dhaulagiri from Bandipur is another factor that holds the tourists here, locally said.