Preparation picks pack to upgrade KAHS into Teaching Hospital «

Preparation picks pack to upgrade KAHS into Teaching Hospital

The stalled process to upgrade Karnali Academy of Health Sciences (KAHS) in Surkhet district into a Teaching Hospital has picked a pace since the Karnali state government gave a go-ahead.
The Surkhet Medical College Physical Infrastructure Construction Development Committee has been tasked for the same. The federal government has already allocated Rs 100 million to establish a medical college in the current fiscal year.
Project chief Jit Bahadur Shah shared that the feasibility study was underway at Birendranagar-11, 12 and 13 as well as 6 community forest areas so as to build the medical hospitals and separate academic buildings for the same.
The Ministry of Forest and Environment has already issued its permission to conduct the environmental impact assessment, informed Shah.
According to him, it takes at least 300-bed of a hospital to run medical colleges. Hence the plans were put in place to utilize the KAHS to convert into a medical college.
Karnali state’s Minister for Social Development Dal Rawal said that the council of ministers in the province had already made the decision for upgrading the KAHS into a teaching hospital.
KAHS, which has been providing quality healthcare services at reasonable fees for the patients in the Karnali state for 8 years.