Falebas-Armadi section of Kaligandaki corridor in limbo «

Falebas-Armadi section of Kaligandaki corridor in limbo

The construction of the Falebas-Armadi road section along the Kaligandaki Corridor – which is considered a lifeline of the district has been in limbo for long.
If things went as planned, the track of the road should have been opened two years ago. With this, the task of blacktopping is also likely to get prolonged. The Surya Construction Company which took the responsibility for the construction has left these works in the lurch.
Though there was an agreement to complete the construction in June 2018, it has been a long time since the Surya Construction has not come in contact.
The 14-km road for which the Construction Company was responsible is the most broken and damaged one, shared the office of Kaligandaki Corridor.
It may be noted that the Surya Construction was awarded a contract to build the 14-km road section from Lamaya of Falebas municipality to Armadi of Kushma municipality.
The Palpa-based Corridor Office had an extended timeline with the penalty to the Company for not opening track even more than a year than the stipulated project completion time.
The extended deadline is expiring in the coming mid-December. The office is in preparation to initiate a new process by terminating the previous contract if the task is not completed by the extended deadline.
The Company was awarded the contract for opening 14-km track and drainage along with the construction of other structures at the cost of Rs 91.75 million.
Efforts, however, are underway for blacktopping the road from Ranipani to Armadi of Parbat. The road widening from Ranipani to Falebas has also been intensified. The blacktopping is likely to be deferred for no works on the Falebas-Armadi road section.