Norvic & Mahidol University to pursue academic collaboration «

Norvic & Mahidol University to pursue academic collaboration

Bangkok-ln the interest of expanding international opportunities and strengthening cultural ties and broadening their students and faculty experience, Mahidol University, Thailand and Norvic institute of Nursing Education(NINE) have agreed to pursue an academic collaboration and strategic partnership between the two institutions.

A MoU has been made as a gesture of goodwill between the two institutions and that will cover:

Encourage and facilitate cooperation between academic institutions, student’s faculty exchange; curriculum development, research activities and other academic activities; promote exchange of academic information and materials; develop cooperative programs to which both institutions agree; initiate mutual assistance in the preparation of seminars, conferences and workshops; and seek opportunities for other forms of co-operation.
It is also agreed upon-to facilitate discussions regarding areas of collaboration; specific details of implementation of these activities will be developed mutually for specific projects. There will be a specific subsidiary contract for each particular project. This MoU will be in effect from October, 2019 for a period of five years, which may be extended by mutual agreement.
The MoU was signed by the Executive Director of Norvic Institute of Nursing Education, Mr. Parash Shakya and the President of Mahidol University, Prof. Banchong Mahaisayariya.
Established in 2009 under the management of Norvic International Hospital (NIH), with the vision to evolve as an internationally recognized health care education institute. NINE is Nepal’s 1st ISO 9001:2015 Certified institute in Nursing Education, whereas Mahidol University is one of the most prestigious university in Thailand and internationally recognized for high caliber of research, teaching and international academic collaboration maintaining its traditional excellence in medicine and the sciences.