Laxmi bank announces winner of ‘My Card Ideas’ «

Laxmi bank announces winner of ‘My Card Ideas’

Laxmi Bank Announces the winner of “My Card Ideas”, the first-ever design crowdsourcing competition.Laxmi Bank via a Press Conference held in Kathmandu announced “Ms. Teesha Shrestha” as the winner of the “My Card Ideas” competition.

About My Card IdeasCompetition:
“My Card Ideas” is a design crowdsourcing competition aimed at fostering engagement and collaboration with the existing and potential customers of the bank by allowing them to “unleash their creativity” in designing the bank’s new set of Visa debit cards.

Laxmi Bank is the first bank to embrace the concept of crowdsourcing via such competition. At the simplest level crowdsourcing refers to the idea of outsourcing a task to the crowd. Here the task was to source design ideas for the bank’s new VISAdebit cards depicting the country’s seven province’s unique culture, heritage or natural beauty element.

The competition ran for a period of one month starting from 1st July until 31st July 2019. The winning design was to receive a cash prize of NPR 50,000 net of taxes per province, with a total cash prize of NPR 350,000.00 net allocated for the seven provinces. Individual participants were free to submit for one of the seven provinces.

Based on the competition guidelines, the panel of professional judges zeroed in on the design submissions of Ms. Teesha Shrestha, Ms. Shrestha will receive prize money of NPR 350,000.00 net for the set of her seven winning designs