Coca-Cola celebrates – ‘My Mom makes my Dashain special’ «

Coca-Cola celebrates – ‘My Mom makes my Dashain special’


 Continuing the fourth edition of “Mann Kholau Coke Sanga”, a localized form of “Share a Coke”, this time Coca-Cola has come up with a new and unique way to celebrate its consumers in the biggest festival Dashain and Tihar. This year Coca-Cola has launched its new Dashain Campaign with the theme ‘My Mom makes my Dashain special’.
This campaign conveys the message that our mothers work selflessly and tirelessly to make our Dashain and Tihar special, to pour every bit of happiness possible into our festive season. It is due to our mother’s presence and efforts that the joy, bliss and celebrations of Dashain initiate and remain throughout. The special ingredient of Dashain is always our mother, and her love.
Acknowledging the vital role Mothers play during the festive season, Coke has new launched labels which encompasses six different endearing forms of the way we call our mother i.e Aama, Mai, Muwa, Mamu, Mummy and Ma. These labels are inserted in the place of the regular labels, to acknowledge the vital role our mothers play during Dashain and Tihar. To give the labels a touch of festive glimpse, the artworks and texts on the label are portrayed in golden colors with various elements of Dashain like Kites, Dashain Swing, Marigold flower, and so on.
Adding on,the message of the campaign is most beautifully highlighted in the latest television commercial of Coca-Cola. In the commercial, a mother is working hard to make Dashain truly special for her children, while her children are in their own little world. But due to a small reminder from Coke, the children show the most beautiful gesture to make Dashain special for her by surprising her with all the Dashain chores done by themselves.
Talking about the campaign, Ambuj Singh, Country Director of Coca-Cola in Nepal states, “This year, in an effort to honor Mothers and the essential roles they play in our lives, we introduced new labels with six endearing ways teens call out thier mothers. In its own humble way, Coca-Cola encourages them to celebrate Dashain along with the one who makes it truly special. #AamaBinaKRamailo”
Pradip Pandey, Managing Director of Bottlers Nepal Limited said, “Coca-Cola in Nepal has always celebrated the joy of relationships. This year we are celebrating mothers who make this Dashain special for all households. We at Coca-Cola has always valued our consumers and we hope this new labels will encourage our consumers to strengthen their bond and they open their hearts with Coca-Cola.”
The campaign has also been futher promoted through social media sites using the hastag #AamaBinaKRamailo. The digital videos aim to recreate and capture near real-time moments of influencers and their mothers. For instance, Model/Actress, Subesksha Khadka can be seen expressing the little but significant things her mother does to always take care of her. Her mother is kept on the next room, unknown to Subeksha, listens to her sayings and tears up. The heart touching video then ends with both mother and daughter reuniting with love and joy.
Coca-Cola is also cheersing the new labels through ground activations in various locations of Bhat-Bhateni supermarket, Salesberry and Saleways soon. In the activation there will be customized labels where consumers can printpersonalized message to their mothers.