Customs-Quarantine jurisdiction dispute «

Customs-Quarantine jurisdiction dispute

There has been a long running dispute between customs offices and Animal Products Inspection Quarantine Office.
According to the Quarantine officials, the customs officials have been letting the imports without proper quarantine. They have also complained — in front of Minister of Agriculture and Livestock Development Chakrapani Khanal during a meeting at his office — that the customs officials have been harassing them.
The dispute of jurisdiction has started some three years ago after the customs officials have taking them for granting. However, the dispute has been solved as the Integrated Check Point (ICP) was thought to be the only solution. The Director General of the Department of Food Technology and Quality Control, who had protested that the customs have been disobeying them, had been terminated and suspended after corruption charges were filed against him by the anti corruption watch dog.
Most of the chiefs of the Quarantine offices during the meeting complained the Agriculture Minister that they have been underestimated by the customs officials.
There are 8 quarantine offices for livestock, 28 permanent and temporary checkpoints and the 15 agricultural quarantine offices in the country. The customs offices check the paper and the quarantine posts check the quality of agriculture and livestock quality.