Milk Prices to increase by Rs 10 per liter «

Milk Prices to increase by Rs 10 per liter

Following the pressures from dairy farmers, Chitwan Dairy Cooperatives decided to increase milk prices by Rs 10 per litre. Last Friday’s meeting of the cooperatives has decided to raise milk price.
Confirming the price hike, the cooperatives chair Ratna Mani Neupane said that the increase in prices is due to the rise in imports and subsequent prices of grains, bran, medicines, and technology. “The difference between what the consumers pay and what the farmers receive is wide,” he said, adding that the price is being increased in order to provide relief to the farmers. “Some of the other demands include, 50 percent subsidy on electricity tariff, and tax exemption provided to dairy producers.”
The farmers are also protesting the milk import. The cooperatives vice chair Krishna Sapkota said that the movement will go on until dairy import from India is stopped. “Indian dairy imports can cost up to Rs. 65 however, DDC is refusing to pay merely Rs. 45 to domestic products,” he said, adding that it is essential to encourage domestic farmers and their products. “Farmers receive Rs. 49 and Rs. 65 on cow and buffalo milk respectively. However, consumers are charged up to Rs. 60 for mixed milk and Rs. 70 for buffalo milk.”
National Dairy Development Board member Bhagirtha Timilsina said that the rise in milk prices is the immediate outcome of an increase in the import prices of production goods like bran, grains, straw,and labor costs.
Likewise, secretary of the cooperatives Kishor Wagle said that the farmers are stressed as they are not getting price for milk. Chitwan has been declared as a self-reliant district in dairy production on July 29 this year.