NAC to add more destinations «

NAC to add more destinations

As a result of the ongoing pressures from all sides, the Nepal Airlines Corporation has been extending its efforts in adding more international destinations. As planned, Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) states that they have received the slot to increase the ongoing number of weekly flights to Delhi from 14 to 21 per week instead. In addition, the Corporation also mentions that they have recently increased the number of weekly flights to Delhi from 11 per week to 14 per week.
Among the 14 weekly flights, 7 are to be conducted through Narrow Body aircrafts and the rest of the 7 are to be conducted through Wide Body aircrafts. Similarly, as stated by the Corporation, the numbers of weekly flights to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, are to be increased from 3 per week to 4 per week as well.
The Corporation states that significant institutional efforts are being put into pushing forward the arrangement of providing trainings to domestic pilots in Nepal itself. The NAC has also affirmed the training completion of 2 senior pilots within the month of Asar (mid June to mid July), and is active towards appointing them for the smooth operation of the aircraft Y12E.
Similarly, as per the Corporation’s plan of allocating the required manpower to operate its Twin Otter aircraft, the NAC has appointed a senior Captain, who is currently receiving the required trainings. Along with this, the trainings provided to co-pilots, which were on halt for 2 years, are being reinitiated, and the Corporation is working towards attaining License endorsements from the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) by completing one of the Pilot’s training. The Corporation has also been organizing trainings for the rest of the 3 Pilots and has planned for their trainings to be completed by the upcoming month of Shravan (mid July-mid August).
In spite of Pilots being an efficient form of human resource, in order to conduct regulated flights, they have to complete their simulator training, attain a license, as well as complete certain flying hours with a tutor pilot and achieve a line clearance. Due to this, the Corporation has been preparing its human resources for their line clearance process.
With enough and adequate experience, Pilots with the line clearance for Small Body aircrafts can shift to Wide Body aircrafts with sufficient training. The Corporation has thus been making efforts in preparing their human resources in a way in which they can accommodate Wide Body aircrafts. According to their plans, the Corporation has been working towards appointing more Nepali manpower by taking applications through the Public Service Commission. The required process of appointment is said to have reached its final stage.
The aircraft maintenance works conducted by the international company, BCT, are said to commence from the month of July, and the process of appointing Navy engineers themselves for the job is being pushed forward. As a result, around Rupees 50 to 60 Lakhs can be saved. Last Jestha, the Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization had conducted a successful audit report of the ISO, and was successful in receiving a certificate as well. From this, it is proven that the Nepal Airlines Corporation has always been aware of security and engineering management.