Laxmi banks invites ideas for visa cards through ‘Crowdsourcing’ «

Laxmi banks invites ideas for visa cards through ‘Crowdsourcing’

Laxmi bank announces “My Card Ideas” to select seven VISA Card designs representing each of Nepal’s Provinces through innovative ‘crowdsourcing’ concept. This competition aims to foster engagement and collaboration with existing and potential customers by allowing them to “unleash their creativity”. The competition is open to all Nepali citizens and firms and companies registered in Nepal. Laxmi Bank is confident that it will receive innovative, creative and original design ideas which will be adapted for Laxmi Bank VISA Debit Card. The design ideas must represent the concerned Province’s unique culture, heritage or natural beauty and can be in the form of a painting, photograph or graphic illustration. The winning idea will receive a cash prize of NPR 50,000 net i.e. per winning design, with a total cash prize of NPR 350,000.00. The final deadline to submit the idea(s) is July 31st, 2019.