Melamchi project’s second phase works begin «

Melamchi project’s second phase works begin

The second phase works under Melamchi Drinking Water Project have begun. As part of this, the government has started pooling land that falls within the project coverage area.
The government is effortful to supply water from Yangri and Larke rivulet to Kathmandu denizens through Melamchi drinking water project in this phase.
It is noted daily 170 million litres water will be supplied to Kathmandu through Melamchi in the first phase. Likewise, the government has set a target to bring 170 million litres each to Kathmandu from Yangri and Larke rivulet.
If these plans turn to be success, the water supply from Melamchi to Kathmandu would go three fold in capacity.
A public notice was already issued for the project-affected landowners in the surround of Yangri and Larke rivulet to receive compensation of land.
The District Administration Office Sindhupalchowk issued a public notice for he project affected people to receive compensation within 15 days, informed Chief District Officer, Goma Devi Chemjong.
The Detailed Project Report of the Yangri and Larke under the second phase was also prepared. The DPR to that end was submitted to the Melamchi Drinking Water Development Committee.
Works are being expedited to complete the second phase project at the cost of Rs 30 billion within next four years.