India-Nepal Business Summit discuss cross-border connectivity «

India-Nepal Business Summit discuss cross-border connectivity

India-Nepal Relations are multi-layered and formed through the traction of deep trust for each-other entrusted by both the friendly countries, and favourable socio-cultural and strategic fundamentals.
Historically and in continuance, the cornerstones of bilateral diplomatic and trade relations have had strong consideration on sublime people-to-people ties, friendly cross-border connectivity and prospects of close economic cooperation.
PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PHDCCI) under aegis of its India-Nepal Centre (INC), State Development Council (SDC) and in association with the Embassy of Nepal in New Delhi, India has recently organised ‘India-Nepal Business Summit’ on 30th May in Bhopal to acknowledgeand further accentuate it.
The summit essentially focused on the sectors where India-Nepal co-operation can be further boosted to achieve the desired goals for Nepal’s economic development – Energy, Infrastructure, Tourism, Agriculture and Food Processing, Skill Development and Start-ups and Services.
The Inaugural Session cantered on theme, ‘Roadmaps for Accelerating Inclusive Sub-regional Economic Growth’. In his welcome address K V Rajan, chairman of India-Nepal Centre at PHDCCI focused on the fact that both countries have advantage of political stability and the economic priorities thus be shaped through the strong fundamentals for reshaping the bilateral as well regional economic cooperation.
Ambassador of Nepal in India Nilambar Acharya, on the occasion, shared his reflections, and said that it was his great pleasure to learn that after joint efforts of Embassy of Nepal in New Delhi and the PHDCCI. “I am confident that the presentations to be made, panel discussions, networking and interaction sessions to be made here will be fruitful in highlighting trade, investment and other economic opportunities in Nepal,” he added.
Likewise, director general at the Indian Council of Cultural Relations (ICCR) Akhilesh Mishra gave the Keynote Speech and recounted the benefits of people-to-people relations India and Nepal enjoy and that make their understanding unmatchable. He pointed out that India and Nepal have immense opportunities through their social and cultural connect and which should support the economic cooperation to stay in thriving state.
From the government of Madhya Pradesh, minister for Civil Aviation, Science and Technology, Law and Legal Affairs and Public Relations P C Sharma addressed the gathering and persuaded the concerned stakeholders to channelize more businesses between Madhya Pradesh and Nepal.
Economic Counsellor at the Embassy of Nepal in New Delhi Tirtha Poudel gave the presentation on the opportunities available in Nepal for institutional investment through the existing and new businesses. He reflected on the policies and possibilities Nepal relentlessly offer to the investors, especially from India.
The other sessions of Summit witnessed the experts’ views on the important aspect that shape the possibilities of India-Nepal economic cooperation: Promoting Industry in Nepal; Revisiting Bilateral Trade Policies; Expanding Sub-regional Cooperation; Border Area Development; MSMEs; Destination Madhya Pradesh); Policy Reforms and Ease of Doing Business in Nepal; Sectoral Possibilities in Nepal; Channelising Investment (both-ways) for Industrial Development in Nepal and Madhya Pradesh.
The summit hosted the key industry and government stakeholders who are either already involved with the industrial development of Nepal or have genuine urge to be part of it. Also, the Summit facilitated two-ways investment opportunities between India and Nepal through sensitising the Indian industry and investors, especially those located in Central India and Nepalese counterparts to come in term with the strong possibilities that both India and Nepal offer unwaveringly for businesses and investments.