Tatopani border crossing resumes operation today «

Tatopani border crossing resumes operation today

Tatopani transit on Nepal-China border will resume operation formally today after four years of shut due to the earthquake of 2015. Much of the infrastructure of the border crossing was destroyed by the quake.
Minister for Industry, Commerce and Supples and Chinese officials are scheduled to jointly inaugurate the newly reconstructed main trade transit point between Nepal and China, said Chief District Officer Goma Devi Chemjong.
For this purpose, Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Hou Yanqi reached Tatopani on Tuesday, and she held a meeting with people’s representatives of the village in this regard, said Chemjong. Temporary passes were provided for 10 Nepalies and four containers to enter China to bring in goods in the presence of the custom chief of both Nepal and China.
The containers carrying Chinese goods are scheduled to enter the border crossing into Nepal today. The transit will be resumed by allowing the containers, said Chemjong. Reconstruction of the transit point has been over.
Construction of a 112 meters concrete bridge at the border of the Araniko Highway and Tatopani area and the dry port spanning across 500 ropanis of land has been also over. The reconstruction was carried out with financial and technical assistance of the Government of China.