Youth campaigners call for free health and education «

Youth campaigners call for free health and education

Youth education campaigners have demanded that the government should make education and health services free.
Organising a press conference here today, the campaigners argued that this was necessary to ensure that no citizen would be deprived of their fundamental rights as right to education, health and employment.
“It is known to all that we have been consistently pressing for the fulfillment of this demand from the streets. Our demand is clear – very sensitive sectors like health and education should be made free so that all citizens have easy access to it,” reads a press release distributed to the media on the occasion.
Campaigner Bijaya Thapa said that thousand of Nepalis are suffering due to the compulsion of going for medical studies abroad for lack of medical colleges in the country. In this backdrop, the government should seriously consider making health and education accessible and affordable to all, he added.
They have also drawn the government’s attention to thousands of Nepali students who have gone to Bangladesh, Australia, India and other countries for studies facing uncertainty regarding their education.