Donor constructs houses for flood victims «

Donor constructs houses for flood victims

A donor has commissioned the construction of six houses for the needy people affected due to flooding caused by the Ratuwamai river on the border between Jhapa and Morang district.
Krishna Karki from Morang district who is currently living in Japan personally contributed Rs 2 million for this purpose. Two out of the six houses have already been constructed. The remaining houses would also be constructed as soon as possible and handed over to the most needy flood victims, Karki said.
Coordinator of the house construction project, Chudamani Karki, said that although the house construction was delayed in the beginning due to the long process of identifying the genuine flood victims, the construction works have now expedited.
He added that all the houses would be completed before the start of the monsoon season this year. The senior citizen and disabled among the flood affected people would be given priority.
Karki said water supply and toilet facilities would also be constructed in the settlement.