Nepali students to get full scholarship in Bouddha University «

Nepali students to get full scholarship in Bouddha University

Lumbini-Nepali students wishing to pursue M.Phil and Ph.D degrees in the Buddhist University of Myanmar are to be offered full scholarship.
Officials at Myanmar-based Universities have assured that scholarship could be provided to MA students graduated from Nepal’s Lumbini Buddha University on any topics of Buddhism at its recommendation.
It is shared that various universities in Myanmar, including Prasidda University, State Pariyati Shashan University, Yangon, International Buddhist Therabad Missionary University Yangon and State Pariyati Shashan University Mandale would be provided scholarship to Nepali students interested to carry out research and dissertation on Buddhist religion.
The officials of universities in Myanmar have made the assurances in course of interaction with Nepali delegation headed by Chief of Central Campus Lumbini of Lumbini Bouddha University.
A country with vast majority of Buddhists, Myanmar has accorded high importance to Therabad Buddhist teaching from primary to university level education.
Neupane shared tht assurances were made to offer scholarship positions to Nepali students interested to pursue higher education and Ph D in Mynmar universities having global protection and funding.
Rector at International Therabad Buddhist Missionary University Yangon Prof Dr Nandamalavibhamsa, Rector monk Dr Kumar of State Pariyati Shashan University and Vice Rector at Mandale-based State Pariyati Shashan University Yana Lingra Pawansa pledged to offer scholarships to Nepali eligible students.