Committee formed to inspect illegal river mining «

Committee formed to inspect illegal river mining

Bharatpur-A local government in Chitwan has agreed to work against the illegal exhumation of river products by forming a monitoring committee. The Kalika municipality has decided to control the exploitation of natural resources.
The committee to be formed under the coordination of mayor Khumnarayan Shrestha would comprise representatives of the District Forest Office, security agency, municipality employees, technical human resources and locals, said mayor Shrestha.
The local government has issued a notice for the first time calling for a bid for the systematic and lawful collection of stone and pebbles from the local rivers Bongkhola and Thangkhola and the process to issue a tender for the excavation in Kayarkhola area is on the progress. The tender relating to the Bongkhola remains valid till mid-June, the local government is expected to collect revenue of Rs 36.64 million this time. The local government is all committed to ensuring the excavation within a set standard. No compromise will be made to this regard.
As per the Inter-Government Fiscal Management Act, 2072 the local government is allowed to use 60 percent of the total revenue and the remaining 40 percent shall be sent to the provincial government.